Our Story

Qeople (that’s pronounced “key-ple”, a mash-up of quality, key & people) blossomed out of Miranda’s and Jennifer’s different paths toward a shared realization about work.

It’s been frustrating to see companies struggle to find good hires and retain high-potential talent, while all-or-nothing jobs keep many great, senior-level people from growing their careers.

We sought to change this.

Though at first glance Miranda appears to be a typical Silicon Valley workaholic entrepreneur, she is also the quintessential Qeople employer. As an exec in companies big and small, as a founder of tech and finance ventures, she’s become an expert at crafting creative schedule arrangements to retain and attract high caliber talent. And she’s seen again and again how traditional full-time employees and part-time professionals (even at the most senior levels) meld together to form strong teams.

Depending on the time of day, Jennifer appears to be a typical stay-at-home mother of three volunteering at school and on the sports field. She’s also the quintessential Qeople member who has built a successful alternative career on her own terms. She’s experienced the highs of engaging part-time projects and the freelancer hassles of continuous business development. And she’s not alone.

We were struck by how many talented people opt out of the workforce entirely, or grow frustrated freelancing, or stay in their jobs feeling bored and trapped because they are afraid to lose what little flexibility they’ve achieved. While Jennifer was immersed in the world of mid-career MBA’s and other professionals bemoaning the lack of meaningful work with greater flexibility, Miranda was most recently immersed in the staffing and in-house recruiting industry at Jobscience, sharing the acute pain employers feel with concrete pipeline leakage and the perceived ‘talent shortage’.

Retention & recruiting require a variety of career paths.

Our vision is that senior-level part-time work arrangements will open up new, highly-engaged talent pools for forward-thinking employers. It’s time to end the senseless waste of talent and the expensive waste of resources inherent in traditional recruiting. All people should have more options to grow in their careers while enjoying full lives.

And Now

Our work with Qeople led us to discover a new world of talented professionals who are, one-by-one, finding ways to structure non-traditional arrangements where they can do great work while leading full lives. We uncovered many more who hoped to achieve this goal but kept bumping up against workplace norms.

The positive message to employers is that you can truly differentiate with a talent strategy that embraces this population. We learned that individual founders, leaders, and CEOs come to this conclusion individually, on their own time, and only if it fits the culture of their organizations.

Companies are just beginning a long, slow path to change.

Although we are no longer actively operating our marketplace, we are watching for the time when conditions tip. We continue to promote and facilitate individual success stories, and we’d love to hear yours.

Our Team

Mike Gallagher

As Qeople’s CTO, Mike led our engineering and early stage product work. As an experienced software developer and architect, he created the product and platform that would allow Qeople’s vision to scale. His dedication to Qeople reflected his personal passion for doing great, self-motivated work on his own terms. He once toed the line as corporate employee, then lived the freelancer life (ask him about the pro’s and con’s of 1099’s). We love that he has successfully navigated a career ranging from EMC and Salesforce.com engagements to startup clients and his own ventures.

Mike Gallagher

James Nash

James Nash

James led Qeople’s in-house video production. His passion for Qeople comes from his own freelancing career as a professional musician, writer, and producer combined with part-time work as a software engineer. While other HR Tech companies are reducing people to keywords and algorithms, we were thrilled to have an artist’s eye capturing the many dimensions of our members through video. We love that James has crafted a career blending tech and the arts as both a co-founder at a music technology startup and a cornerstone member of a touring Americana band.


Jennifer Foster

Jennifer was the Co-founder and CMO at Qeople. Her passion for Qeople comes from her desire to support families, who need a greater variety of options to blend the important pieces of their lives together. Jennifer’s professional life had a fairly self-absorbed beginning as an ambitious engineer-turned-MBA. Later roles in HR at Oracle, the Stanford Business School admissions team and consulting at Jobscience fueled a broader commitment to influencing contemporary work/life trends and expanding non-traditional career opportunities.

Jennifer Foster

Miranda Nash

Miranda Nash

Miranda was the Co-founder / CEO at Qeople. Her passion for Qeople comes from her own experience “leaning in” to traditional, all-encompassing work as an executive and entrepreneur and her desire to help more people “lean in” on their terms. Her dedication to advancing the position of women in the workplace expanded while climbing the corporate ladder from engineer to executive at Oracle. Becoming a mother and relying on her husband for the primary parent role only confirmed that both women and men need these opportunities.


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